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My name is Sascha. I am a Webdev, Illustrator and pixel artist, located in Switzerland. My passion for aviation art was sparked at a young age, where I was inspired to create drawings of iconic aircraft such as the Spitfire and Tomcat. To this day, I remain captivated with all forms of flying vehicles.

«Retro Wings»

Vintage Aviation Pixelart

My goal is to show the beauty of flight captured in pixelart.

Every artpiece of Retro Wings tells a unique story of either the plane, the pilot or the era it was flying. The stories behind them can be found on my Instagram channel. Allow yourself to be taken back in time and discover the beauty of flight!

My Aviation Shop

Did you check out my shop? 😉
I added several products like T-Shirts, Stickers, Mugs and free wallpapers.


Business Inquiries for Aviation Art

I am available for commission work.
If you have a question regarding my work do not hesitate to contact me.